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Correctable Violations
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Proof of Correction

Either proof of correction and a $25.00 dismissal fee or proof of correction and bail is required on each mechanical, registration and license violation.

Proof of correction can be obtained by having an authorized representative of the issuing police agency complete the Certificate of Correction located on the reverse of the courtesy notice or citation. Registration and/or driver license violations may be certified by a Department of Motor Vehicles clerk.

Submit the proof of correction and any required fee to the court by the due date. For each item corrected, pay $25 instead of the amount due for that charge.


Insurance Violations

If the vehicle was insured at the time you were cited, you may submit proof of insurance, along with a $25 proof of correction fee, and the violation will be dismissed.

Proof of insurance may be a copy of an insurance card or insurance policy. Proof submitted must show the policy number and the policy effective dates. The insurance policy referenced must cover the vehicle listed on the citation.

Submit the proof of insurance and any required fee or bail to the court by the due date.


Failure to Respond or Comply to Correctable Violation(s)

Failure to respond or comply with proof of correction will result in one or more of the following:

  • The amount of bail being increased by a minimum of $345;
  • A warrant being issued for your arrest;
  • The Department of Motor Vehicles being notified to withhold renewal of your driver license (if you gave your written promise to appear on the traffic citation);
  • License suspension;
  • Referral to a Collection Agency

Failure to comply with owner responsibility requirements on unsigned citations will result in a hold being placed on the vehicle registration.


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