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Your Courtesy Notice
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Receiving The Courtesy Notice

After receiving a traffic citation, the court will mail a courtesy notice to the address on your citation. If your address is incorrect on the citation, please contact the court as soon as possible.

Courtesy notices are not processed immediately after you receive the citation. It may take up to two (2) weeks prior to due date for processing.  Do not call the court about your citation until it is two weeks or less from the due date.  We are unable to provide information about your case until your citation has been processed.

If you do not receive a courtesy notice, you must still appear at the clerk's office or settle your case by mail by the date and time as listed on your citation. A courtesy notice is sent to you as a courtesy - Non-receipt of a courtesy notice is not a valid reason for failing to take care of your citation.

Appearance Date

The date written on the citation by the citing officer is the date that you must resolve your citation by. It is important that you take action by this date in order to prevent additional fees and penalties from being imposed, including suspension of your drivers license.

Available Options

The courtesy notice will supply the information about how to take care of your situation, including fine amounts and whether a violation is correctible.  These options may include paying your traffic ticket, attending traffic school, mandatory appearance, requesting (by mail or in person) a court appearance, and/or requesting a court trial by declaration (written statement).  If you do not understand your options, you may come in person to the clerk's office or correspond by mail prior to your appearance date.

Mandatory Appearance

If the nature of the charges require you to appear in court, your courtesy notice will state "Mandatory Appearance." Your citation or courtesy notice will have the date, time, and location of appearance.  You must appear in person on the date and time specified at the location printed on the citation or courtesy notice.  Failure to do so can lead to adverse actions such as a hold being placed on your driver license, and additional fines and penalties being assessed.


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