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Your Summons for Jury Duty
How to read your summons
The most important information on the summons is printed near the bottom of the first page under YOUR SUMMONS FOR JURY DUTY.  This includes your group number, juror number, personal ID (PIN) number, date and time you are required to appear, and the location where you are to appear.

GROUP NUMBER - Information regarding your appearance is published based on this group number.  Appearances and cancellations are based on group number; a whole group of people will be required to appear or not appear.  There are multiple group numbers per day.

JUROR NUMBER - This is your unique identifier in our computer system, and is used by jury staff to identify you when you appear for service, and to access your personal information on our computer system.

PIN NUMBER - This number, used along with your Juror Number, is needed to access our On-Line Jury Services systems, available over the phone or on the Internet.

DATE, TIME, LOCATION - The date, time, and location where you are to appear for jury duty.

Disqualification, excusal, postponement...
What's the difference?

To be Disqualified from jury duty means that constitutionally, you do not qualify to serve on a jury.  Commonly, non-US citizens and those who are the subject of a conservatorship do not qualify.

To be Excused from jury duty means that you constitutionally are qualified to serve on a jury, but have a valid reason for not being able to serve.  Common reasons people may be excused from jury duty are that they are in active military duty or are recovering from surgery.

To be Postponed from jury duty means that constitutionally, you are qualified to serve on a jury, and that you are able to serve on a jury, you just need to be scheduled for a more convenient time. 

How to request to be disqualified or excused

You may request to be disqualified or excused from jury service one way:

+ - By mail - Complete the Disqualification or Excuse Request section and return using the envelope enclosed with your summons.  Remember to enclose any required documentation such as doctor notes.

All requests for disqualification or excusal must be submitted in writing. 

Hardship on your employer or because you are the sole proprietor of a business does not excuse you from jury service.  You may request that your jury service be postponed to a more convenient time for these reasons, but you will not be excused from jury service for these reasons.

Employers are not required by law to pay their employees regular salary when on jury duty, although some do.
How to postpone your service
You may request a postponement one of two ways:

( - By phone - Call 463-4663 (Ukiah) or 961-6288 (Fort Bragg)

- By mail - Complete the Postponement Request section on your summons and return using the enclosed envelope.

The address, date, and time for your appearance is on the summons you were mailed. You may request to reschedule your jury service to a different date one time.  Students may request a postponement of jury service to the next school break or to a day when they do not have classes.  No postponements are granted on the first day of reporting for jury service.
How your name was selected

Jury trials cannot be held unless people are willing to perform this obligation of citizenship. The law requires a random and fair cross-section of the county's population be available to serve on jury duty every day.

For the selection of jurors, names are randomly drawn from the list of registered voters and the Department of Motor Vehicles' list of licensed drivers and identification cardholders.

Any person 18 years of age, or older, a United States citizen and a resident of the county where summoned is qualified to serve as a juror. A potential juror must be able to understand English, not be the subject of a conservatorship, and not be a convicted felon without their civil rights restored.

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