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Payment Options

The Superior Court accepts cash, checks, money orders, MasterCard, and Visa.  Debit cards that have the MasterCard or Visa logo are also accepted, and are processed as a credit card.

Monthly installment payment plans are also available, with monthly payments as low as $35, depending on the amount due.  90-day payment plans are available if you intend to complete traffic school.  Your initial payment is 10% of the total amount due.  Bring your valid driver license or ID card to the clerk's office in Ukiah or Fort Bragg to sign up.

Traveler's checks are not accepted, nor are temporary checks.  The accountholder's name must be pre-printed on the check.

Payment by MasterCard or Visa

In Person:  Use your MasterCard or Visa credit card in person at the public counter at all three branches.

Over the phone:  You may pay by phone with your MasterCard or Visa as well.  Just call 707/463-6872 and follow the instructions.

Over the Internet:  We also take payments through the Internet.  Click below to go to our payment processing website.  A new browser window will open.

Pay by Credit Card

When paying by phone or through the Internet, and asked for your Case Number, enter ONLY the numbers and not the letters.  Click here for an example of what your case number looks like and where to find it.

There is a $8.00 convenience fee automatically added to the amount you enter when paying by credit card, when over the phone or through the Internet.  When calculating and entering the amount you pay, do not include this fee yourself.

Note to subscribers:  If you use an e-mail address and request an e-mail confirmation, please print the screen with your confirmation number. often requires senders to be approved by the recipient beforehand for spam control, so you will not receive the e-mail with your confirmation number.

Traffic School Fee Payments

If you plan to attend traffic school, you must include the $52.00 state-mandated traffic school fee at the same time you pay the fine.  Just add this fee to the amount of the fine when you pay by phone or through the Internet; neither system will prompt you to add the fee.  When paying by phone or the Internet, we have no way to know that you wish to attend traffic school unless this fee is paid.  Traffic school is automatically approved upon payment of this fee, as long as you meet the other conditions described on the Traffic page.

Important:  If the traffic school fee is not paid, traffic school is not considered authorized by the court therefore any Certificate of Completion of Traffic School is invalid.  The violation will be reported to DMV as a conviction.


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How can we help?  If you have business at the Courthouse and require accommodations because of a disability, or need the assistance of an interpreter or assisted-listening device, please contact the court in advance. Click here for more information on access to the Court.

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