Tuesday, November 19, 2019
Self-Help will help you find assistance and information as outlined below:


Self-Help Center

The Self Help Center can give you legal information if you are representing yourself and do not have a lawyer. We can help you fill out and file court forms and understand the steps in your court case.

Restraining Orders

Get information about the types of restraining orders, and the court process, and where to get help.

Self-Help Resources

Find helpful links to websites, documents, guides, and videos to help you find information and help.

Clean Slate Project

This project, offered by Legal Services of Northern California, gives free help and legal information to eligible self-represented persons trying to clean up their criminal records.


We can help you fill out the forms to ask for a guardianship of a minor, both permanent and temporary guardianships. Click to find out more and learn how to get help.

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