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Standing Orders


Standing Orders are directives of the Presiding Judge that apply to cases before the court in addition to the local rules.

Order Number Description Date Issued
2015-01 Determining In Forma Pauperis Applications 01-02-2015
2015-02 Courthouse Security 01-02-2015
2015-03 Court Appointed Fee Schedule, Adopted August 22, 200 01-02-2015
2015-04 Community Service / Conversion of Fines and Fees 01-02-2015
2015-05 Provision of "Court Copies" for Specified Court Hearings 01-02-2015
2015-06 Termination of Criminal Protective Orders Issued 01-02-2015
2015-07 Petition for Expungement Fee Schedule, Adopted October 19, 2010 01-02-2015
2015-08 Expenditure Authorization 01-02-2015
2015-09 Hourly Payment and Mileage Reimbursement Rates for Court Appointed Investigators 01-02-2015
2015-10 Authorization for Release of Adult Probation Records and Reports by Mendocino County Probation Department 01-02-2015
2015-11 Authorization to Release Specified Detainees Prior to Arraignment 01-02-2015
2015-12 Civil Drop Box - Ukiah 03-19-2015
2015-13 Bail in Traffic Cases 07-10-2015


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