Wednesday, January 15, 2020
Civil Harassment Form Packets

Temporary Restraining Order, Proof of Service, Order After Hearing - Packet B1

There is no filing fee if the defendant has inflicted or threatened violence against you, or stalked you, or acted or spoke in any other manner that makes you fear violence.  Otherwise, the fee is $435.  Fee Waiver available upon request.


MCH-100   Packet Cover Sheet
SHLA   SHLA Center Flyer
MMC-120-local   Ex Parte Hearing Notice Information
MMC-121-local   Declaration re: Notice Upon Ex Parte Application for Orders
CLETS-001   Confidential CLETS Information
CH-100-INFO   Can a Civil Harassment Restraining Order Help Me?
CH-100   Request for Orders to Stop Harassment (Civil Harassment)
CH-110   Temporary Restraining Order
CH-109   Notice of Court Hearing
CH-200-INFO   What is "Proof of Personal Service"?
CH-200   Proof of Personal Service
MCSO Service   Request for Service by Sheriff for Restraining Orders
CH-130   Civil Harassment Restraining Order After Hearing
CH-200   Proof of Personal Service (extra for Order After Hearing)
CH-260   Proof of Server of Order After Hearing by Mail
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