Wednesday, January 15, 2020
Civil Harassment FORMS Packets

Answer for the Respondent - Packet B2

There is no filing fee if the petition alleges that you have inflicted or threatened violence against the petitioner, or stalked them, or acted or spoke in any other manner that makes them reasonably fear violence.  Otherwise, the fee is $435.  Fee Waiver available upon request.

This packet is to be served on the restrained person, along with a copy of the Temporary Restraining Order.


MCH-101   Packet Cover Sheet
SHLA   SHLA Center Flyer
CH-120-INFO   How Can I Respond to a Request for Civil Harassment Restraining Orders?
CH-120   Response to Request for Civil Harassment Restraining Orders
CH-250   Proof of Service of Response by Mail
CH-800-INFO   How do I Turn in or Sell my Firearms?
MFD-102-local   Gun or Firearm Relinquishment or Sale (Checklist)
BOF110   Prohibited Persons Notice Form and Power of Attorney for Firearms and Disposal
MFD-022-local   No Guns or Other Firearms Statement
CH-800   Proof of Firearms Turned In or Sold
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