Wednesday, January 15, 2020
Elder and Dependent Abuse FORMS Packets


There is no filing fee required for an Elder Abuse Temporary Restraining Order

MEA-100   Instruction Sheet
SHLA   SHLA Center Flyer
MMC-120-local   Ex Parte Hearing Notice Information
MMC-121-local   Declaration re Notice Upon Ex Parte Application for Orders
MMC-110-local   Request for Interpreter
CLETS-001   Confidential CLETS Information
EA-100-INFO   Can a Restraining Order to Prevent Elder or Dependent Adult Abuse Help Me?
EA-100   Request for Elder or Dependent Adult Abuse Restraining Order
EA-109   Notice of Court Hearing
EA-110   Temporary Restraining Order
EA-200-INFO   What is "Proof of Personal Service"?
EA-200   Proof of Personal Service
EA-130   Restraining Order After Hearing (Elder or Dependent Adult Abuse) (CLETS)
EA-200   Proof of Personal Service (extra for Restraining Order After Hearing)
EA-260   Proof of Service of Order After Hearing by Mail
MCSO Service   Request for Service by Sheriff for Restraining Orders
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