Wednesday, January 15, 2020
Tentative Rulings
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Prior to a Civil Law & Motion or Probate hearing, the Court may issue a tentative ruling pursuant to California Rule of Court 3.1308. Unless a party requests to appear, and notifies both the opposing party and the Court, no hearing will be held and the tentative ruling will become the order of the Court.

Currently, tentative rulings are only available for select Ukiah calendars.


Access to Tentative Rulings - Civil Law & Motion

Tentative rulings are available after 3:00pm on the court day prior to the hearing. You may view tentative rulings on-line or call the Tentative Rulings Information Line.

Information Line:
(707) 468-2007, Option 1

View On-Line:

Ukiah Friday 9:30am Law & Motion Calendar - Courtroom E
Ukiah Calendar – Courtroom G

If you do not find or hear information regarding your particular case, and you have not previously been informed that you are excused from the calendar, an appearance is required.



A party wishing to appear to provide oral argument must advise the opposing party and the Court no later than 4:00pm on the court day before the hearing by e-mail (preferred) or by phone.

    Phone: (707) 468-2007, Option 2

If you do not notify the opposing party and the Court by 4:00pm on the court day before the hearing, no hearing will be held.

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