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- Face coverings required for everyone while inside the courthouse, regardless of vaccination status.

ADVISO DE SALUD PÚBLICA - Deberá usar cubrebocas en el edificio del tribunal, aunque esté vacunado.

Family Court Services

Family Matters

The Family Court Services division handles a variety of matters of the household or family, including dissolutions of marriage (divorce), legal separation, child custody, support and domestic violence

  • Family Law

    Dissolutions (divorce), legal separations, annulments, and summary dissolutions.

  • Family Mediation

    Family Mediation is an opportunity for parents to resolve custody and visitation issues with the help of a trained mediator.

  • Adoptions

    The creation of a legal parental relationship when no biological relationship exists.

  • Family Law Facilitator

    The Family Law Facilitator is available to help both parents and all other parties who have questions about family law issues including child support, spousal support, health insurance, and the availability of community resources.

  • Child Support (Title IV-D)

    Cases where the Mendocino County Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) is providing enforcement services and establishes parentage, child support, and medical support.

  • Probate Conservatorship

    A judge may appoint the Probate Conservatorship Investigator to investigate new and continuing conservatorships.

  • Family Law TECO/Guardianship Ex Parte

    Access to decisions on Ex Parte Temporary Emergency Court Orders (TECO) is available here.

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