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Work Certificates

If I miss work because of jury duty, can I lose my job?

No. The California Labor Code prohibits employers from harassing or dismissing employees for performing jury service, and has a legal obligation to allow the employee to serve.

Certificate of Jury Service (AKA: Work Certificates)

Employers may require proof of your performance of jury service. The Court provides you, upon request, a Certificate of Jury Service that indicates the date(s) you served anytime after you have completed your service. You may also use our On-line Juror Response System to download your Certificate of Jury Service.

To receive your work certificate, you will need your Juror ID Number, found in the upper right corner of your summons, and your date of birth to access the system. Select the option on the left titled Service Certificate.

Access Now

Note: If the Certificate of Jury Service option is not displayed, and it has been at least one business day since you completed jury service, our records do not reflect that your service has been completed. Contact the Jury Services office by e-mail at, or by calling (707)463-4663 or(707) 961-6288.

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