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- Face coverings required for everyone while inside the courthouse, regardless of vaccination status.

ADVISO DE SALUD PÚBLICA - Deberá usar cubrebocas en el edificio del tribunal, aunque esté vacunado.

Court Reporters and Transcripts

Court Reporting Services

Generally, the court provides certified court reporters and reporters pro tem in all felony, juvenile, Lanterman-Petris-Short Act conservatorships and family law matters, as required by law, with no charge to the public. In limited jurisdictional proceedings, such as infractions, misdemeanors and limited civil proceedings, when no certified court reporter is available, judges may authorize the use of electronic reporting, as permitted by Government Code section 69957(a).

In other proceedings, such as general jurisdiction civil and probate matters, parties are required to reimburse the court for use of the court’s court reporter resources or may provide their own court reporters, at their own expense. If parties use the court’s certified court reporters, they will be required to deposit court reporter fees in advance of the hearing.

Each party who wants to use one of the court's certified court reporters must file a written request not less than 48 hours before the hearing date indicating that the presence of an official court reporter is requested. Please contact the Court Reporter Coordinator at (707)468-3498 for assistance.

Upon receipt of a written request for an official court reporter, a fee of $30.00 shall be charged for the cost of the services of an official court reporter for proceedings lasting less than one hour. For each proceeding lasting more than one hour, a fee equal to the actual cost of providing that service shall be charged, on a pro rata basis, per one-half day to the requesting party on the first and each succeeding judicial day those services are provided.

You may use optional form MMC-140, Request for a Court Reporter to submit your request to the Court:

If a party requests the presence of an official court reporter and it appears that none will be available, the Court Clerk will notify the party of that fact as soon as possible before the proceeding. If an Official Court Reporter is not available to cover the requested proceeding, then the requesting party in such a proceeding may arrange for a certified court reporter to serve as the official pro tem reporter at the party's expense.


Transcripts of proceedings are obtained directly from the Certified Court Reporter who recorded the proceedings. Contact the court reporter directly to obtain a transcript, or the court reporter coordinator to obtain contact information for the appropriate court reporter. Transcripts are subject to a fee from the court reporter.

Transcripts or audio recordings of electronically recorded proceedings are obtained from the Court. Contact the Court Reporter Coordinator at (707)467-6437 or at to make arrangements.

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