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Bogus phone calls, emails on jury service may lead to fraud.  If you receive a phone call, text, or email notifying you that you’re in big trouble for failing to show up for jury service, be suspicious.  It’s probably a scam.  Visit our Jury Scams webpage for more information.

Reporting for Service

Confirm Your Appearance on this Website or Over the Phone

You may confirm your appearance online by clicking on the link below.  Please be prepared to enter your juror ID number.

Check your Jury Status

You may also call Jury Services at (707) 463-4663 to see if you must appear, beginning after 5:00pm the business day prior to your service.  

If the System Does Not Accept Your Juror ID and Date of Birth

If you have double-checked the Juror ID number printed on your summons, and you know you are entering your date of birth correctly, it is likely we have incorrect information in our system.  Please send an e-mail to to avoid being placed in a Failure to Appear status. In your message, you must include your Juror ID number, Date of Birth, and a contact phone number.

Where to Appear

Addresses and maps to the courthouses are printed on your summons. Click the city name for on-line information.

  • Ukiah - Report to the Jury Assembly Room, located on the ground floor of the courthouse.
  • Fort Bragg - Check in with the court clerk's office and wait in the lobby area in front of the courtroom for instructions.

Juror Parking

Parking instructions and a parking "pass" are located on the back page of the jury summons. Maps of allowed parking areas are included.

In Ukiah

You must use the parking "pass" printed on the back page of your summons. Place the "pass" on the dashboard of your car and park free in any two- or five-hour zone.  Do not park in any "permit" parking space or any private parking lots.  Do not park in any 1-1/2 hour zones unless you have a Disabled Person Parking Placard or License Plate.  Any citation received for parking violations is the responsibility of the juror.

In Fort Bragg

Majority of the parking is street parking, and a parking pass is not required.  Park in the lot on the south side of the Justice Center or on the surrounding streets.  Do not park in any parking lot labeled "For County Vehicles Only".   Any citation received for parking violations is the responsibility of the juror.

Attendance and Assignment

On the first day of jury duty, bring your summons with you. Answer the questions and sign the summons on the back side of the form.  You will turn in this form when you check in.  Plan to attend court as a juror all day from approximately 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.   There are brief recesses throughout the day and a break for lunch.

Wireless Internet Access

Due to the nature of the court process, there are open periods of waiting.  It is advisable to bring something to read or a notebook or an iPad.  In appreciation for your service, free wireless Internet access is available in Ukiah and Fort Bragg for use while you are waiting to be called into the courtroom.  You will not be allowed to use any electronic device in the courtroom or deliberation room.  While we provide connection instructions, we cannot assist you with troubleshooting connection issues.  Wired connections are not available.

Term of Service - what is One Day, One Trial?

You will not be required to come to court for more than one day of jury duty unless you are assigned to a courtroom for jury selection.  If you are summoned and you appear for jury duty and you are not empaneled on a jury, your jury service will be successfully concluded in one day.  You will not be summoned again for jury duty for a minimum of 12 months.

The court’s term of service for a juror that has been directed to appear is the duration of one day or one trial.  At the end of the first day of service, jurors that have checked in for service but have not been assigned to a trial or have not been ordered to return for subsequent days of jury selection, will have completed their jury service for one year.

Jurors that have been ‘called off’ for jury service and have been told that they need not appear, will be returned to the jury pool to possibly be resummoned for service on a date later in the year.

Payment for Jury Service

Commencing the second day of service, all eligible persons serving are paid jury fees of $15.00 per day, plus mileage at $0.34 per mile, round trip from your home to the court.  With submission of the Public Transit Reimbursement Form for Jury Service,  jurors who use public transportation to appear for jury service may request reimbursement for up to $12.00 per day for public transportation costs.  Jurors requesting public transit reimbursement must provide a receipt for use of public transit (MTA drivers will punch your jury summons form in lieu of a receipt).

If an employer compensates the employee for jury service, those funds paid by the courts to the juror are refundable by the employee to the employer. Federal, state, and local government employees are not paid the $15.00 per day.

Public Transit Reimbursement Form

Verification of Service

Certification of your appearance for jury duty is required by some employers and will be furnished to you by a jury clerk if requested. Visit the Jury Services office for a certificate or send an e-mail to after you have completed jury service.

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