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Bogus phone calls, emails on jury service may lead to fraud.  If you receive a phone call, text, or email notifying you that you’re in big trouble for failing to show up for jury service, be suspicious.  It’s probably a scam.  Visit our Jury Scams webpage for more information.


Court Divisions

The Court is organized into divisions to administrate court services efficiently and effectively, providing fair and equal justice to the public.

  • Civil

    Court Clerk Information, Jurisdiction, Forms & Filing, Fees, and more.

  • Criminal

    Court Clerk Information, Petitions for Re-sentencing, and more.

  • Family

    Family Law, Child Support, Adoptions, Family Mediation, and more.

  • Juvenile

    Clerk's Office, Calendar Plan, Viewing a Case File, and more.

  • Probate

    Viewing  a Case File, Probate Referee, Probate Calendar, and more.

  • Records

    Copies & Certified Copies, Viewing a File.

  • Small Claims

    Your Small Claims Case, On-Line Calendar, Jurisdiction, and more.

  • Collaborative Courts

    Adult Drug Court, Behavioral Health Court, and more.

  • Traffic

    Resolving Your Citation, Pay Your Fine/Bail, Traffic Violator School, and more.

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