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criminal division
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Office Hours:

8:30am-3:00pm Monday through Friday, excluding judicial holidays

Telephone hours:

8:30am-1:00pm, Monday through Friday, excluding judicial holidays

Ukiah Fort Bragg
Phone:  (707)463-4661 Phone:  (707)964-3192
Fax:  (707) 463-4655 Fax:  (707) 961-2611 


Criminal Court services are available at both court locations.


Petitions for Resentencing (Prop 47)

To request to be resentenced or to request a felony conviction to be reduced to a misdemeanor conviction under Proposition 47, a Petition for Resentencing, Prosecution Reply, and Court Order is completed and submitted to the District Attorney. The petition is NOT filed with the court by the defendant. It is filed by the District Attorney along with their response. Once completed, present the form to the District Attorney's office in Ukiah or Fort Bragg for consideration.

Petition for Resentencing, Prosecution Response, Court Order

You may seek assistance from your attorney, public defender, or the Clean Slate Project which helps people seeking to clean up their criminal records


On-Line Case Calendar

View the next 30 days of hearings on calendar:

    Courtroom A Calendar
    Courtroom B Calendar
    Courtroom H Calendar
    Ten Mile Branch (Fort Bragg) Calendar

For specific assignments, see the calendar bulletin board on the first level of the Ukiah courthouse, or outside the courtroom in Fort Bragg, for that day's court assignment.  Calendar times and places are subject to change at any time.


Forms and Filing

Forms may be found on our Forms and Filing section on our website, picked up in the clerk's office, photocopied or printed at the Law Library, or downloaded from the Judicial Council website.

All paperwork must be typewritten or nearly written in black ink.  There are typewriters available for public use at the Public Library at 105 North Main Street Ukiah, or the Law Library in the Ukiah Courthouse, Room 107.   

By law, the clerks cannot provide legal advice, including which forms to use. 



There are no filing fees for Criminal cases.



Requests for copies or certified copies of a document may be made in person at the Clerk's Office or submitted in writing by mail. We cannot take requests over the phone. Various copy, search, and certification fees may apply.

Please see the Copies and Certified Copies page for more information.


Cáse files are available for viewing by the public at the Clerk's Offices in both branches. You will need to provide the case number for the file(s) to be retrieved for viewing to avoid a Record Search fee. Files generally will be available for viewing on the next business day after the request for the file is made.

Please see the Viewing a File page for more information.

Bail Schedules

The following lists have been approved by the judges of the Superior Court, and sets the bail for the release of persons arrested on bailable offenses.

    2019 Felony Bail Schedule
    2019 Misdemeanor Bail Schedule


Criminal Court Calendar

    Current Calendar Plan


 To put your case on calendar, visit the court clerk's office.

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