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- Face coverings required for everyone while inside the courthouse, regardless of vaccination status.

ADVISO DE SALUD PÚBLICA - Deberá usar cubrebocas en el edificio del tribunal, aunque esté vacunado.

Court Operations


  • About the Court 

    The Court proudly serves the people of Mendocino County

  • Budget

    Annual budget information

  • Court Administrative Records

    How to access administrative records of the court.

  • Courtrooms

    Equipment and technology installed in each courtroom

  • Grand Jury 

    Recruitment information for the Mendocino County Grand Jury

  • Holidays

    The Court observes 13 State and Federal holidays each year

  • Judicial Assignments

    Calendar and Appellate Division assignments

  • Procurement

    Opportunities to contract with the court to provide goods or services

  • Security

    Weapons screening is in effect in both courthouses.

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