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Probate Conservatorship Investigator

A judge will appoint the Probate Conservatorship Investigator to investigate new and continuing conservatorships.

Probate Conservatorship Investigation Office

Mendocino County Courthouse
100 North State Street, Room 212
Ukiah, CA   95482
Phone: (707)463-4484, option 2

Please call first if you need to see the investigator.

What Is A Probate Conservatorship Investigation?

The Omnibus Conservatorship and Guardianship Reform Act of 2006 requires that courts conduct investigations of all temporary conservatorships, six month follow up investigations after the initial appointment of the conservator, and status investigations at specified one year intervals.

Upon a Probate Judge’s appointment of the Investigator, the investigation shall be conducted without prior notice to the conservator. The Omnibus Conservatorship Act is applicable to both newly appointed and already established conservatorships. The scope of the investigation shall focus on the conservatee’s placement, quality of care, and finances.

What Do These Services Cost?

The law authorizes the court to recover the costs associated with the Conservatorship Investigation. The fee per Investigation is $400. The law provides that the fee can be waived or deferred based on financial hardship.

How Long Do These Services Take?

The length of time it takes to complete each investigation may vary depending on the complexity of the issues and the proximity of the parties. Once a Conservatorship Investigation begins it may be completed as early as within one week or it may take up to approximately six weeks due to the circumstances of the case.

Who Is The Probate Conservatorship Investigator?

The Probate Conservatorship Investigator is a trained, skilled, and experienced court investigator.  The Investigator is familiar with community resources and knowledgeable in the laws governing Probate Court.

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