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If I miss work because of jury duty, can I lose my job?

No. The California Labor Code prohibits employers from harassing or dismissing employees for performing jury service, and has a legal obligation to allow the employee to serve.

Employer Information 

Hardship on your employer does not excuse you from jury service.

Hardship because you are the sole proprietor of a business does not excuse you from jury service.

Hardship because your employer does not pay you for your time absent from work performing jury service does not excuse you from jury service.

You may request that your jury service be postponed to a more convenient time for these reasons, but you will not be excused from jury service for these reasons.

Payment of Wages During Jury Service

Employers are not required by law to pay their employees regular salary when on jury duty, although some do. These employers recognize that without juries our legal system will come to a halt and that financial hardship may discourage employees from fulfilling their civic duty.

If an employer compensates the employee for jury service, those funds paid by the courts to the juror are refundable by the employee to the employer. However, the courts do not reimburse the employer directly.

Serve Without Fear of Harassment or Dismissal

Employers have a legal obligation to let the employee serve without fear of harassment or dismissal resulting from jury service. The California Labor Code prohibits an employer from firing or harassing an employee who is summoned to court to serve as a juror. Employees who are harassed or fired can file a claim with the state's Division of Labor Standards Enforcement. Employers can also be prosecuted criminally and face misdemeanor charges if found guilty.

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