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- Face coverings required for everyone while inside the courthouse, regardless of vaccination status.

ADVISO DE SALUD PÚBLICA - Deberá usar cubrebocas en el edificio del tribunal, aunque esté vacunado.


What's is the difference?

Postponement: Choose a more convenient date to serve.

Disqualification:  Legally unable to perform jury service.

Excusal:  Qualified but temporarily unable to serve.

Rescheduling Jury Service

You may request to reschedule your jury service to a different date one time. Students may request a postponement of jury service to the next school break or to a day when they do not have classes. No postponements are granted within five (5) days of the scheduled reporting date.

Once you have successfully rescheduled your jury service, you will receive a new summons in the mail approximately 2-3 weeks prior to your new service date.

Postpone Jury Service Online

You may request to reschedule your jury service to a more convenient date by using our online Juror Response System. Click the button below to access the system, and then use your Juror ID Number, found in the upper right corner of your summons, and your date of birth to access the system. Select the option on the left to Request to Postpone Jury Service.

Online Reporting Status

Note: If the option to postpone your service is not displayed on the left, you are not eligible to postpone your service at this time. Common reasons include previous postponements and trying to postpone service too close to your service date.

Other ways to postpone your service

Postpone by mail. Complete the Postponement Request section on your summons and return it to the address in the upper left corner of your summons.

Postpone by Phone. Call our automated Voice Response system at 463-4663 (Ukiah) or 961-6288 (Fort Bragg) and follow the prompts. You will need your Juror ID number, found in the Where to Appear box in the upper right corner of your summons, as well as your date of birth.

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