Wednesday, January 15, 2020
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In general, each courtroom is equipped with a conference telephone, assisted-listening devices, document camera, DVD/VCR, Wi-Fi Internet Access, PCs for digital evidence presentation, and a large screen TV with VGA hookup. 


Often parties will bring their own equipment for use during trials.  The Court is not able to provide assistance in setup or use of equipment which does not belong to the court.  The Court will provide reasonable technical assistance with issues involving connectivity to Court technology equipment. 

Equipment must be installed in such a way that it does not cause a disruption to proceedings.  Equipment cannot be positioned so that it prevents participants from being seen or heard.  Walkways cannot be blocked.  Wires which cross walkways must be securely taped down to prevent accidents. 

The Court is not responsible for loss or damage that occurs to equipment brought in - it is strongly recommended that equipment be secured in the courtroom or removed from the courtroom when court is not in session.



The Court's Information Technology Deparment can assist in determining the equipment needed to present your evidence, provide an orientation of the equipment installed, and arrange for testing the equipment prior to a trial.  Speak with the court clerk to arrange a consultation or appointment.


PCs with VLC Viewer are installed in many courtrooms to show digital evidence such as footage from surveillance cameras.  While a PC is available, it is strongly recommended you bring a laptop computer with the correct drivers and viewer program installed to play the evidence to prevent delays in court due to compatibility problems.


The chart below shows the technical facilities of each courtroom.  If there is a specific piece of equipment needed in a courtroom, and this chart shows the equipment is not installed, check with the court clerk to see if arrangements can be made to provide that equipment in the courtroom where it is needed.


  A B C E F G H TM
Teleconference Phone Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Large Screen TV 58" 58" 48" 65" 48" 48" 65" 58"
VGA Connection Point (*request VGA Adapter from clerk) Yes Yes Yes* Yes Yes* Yes* Yes Yes
HDMI Connection Point Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Document Camera Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
PC for Evidence Presentation (Includes CD/DVD drive) Yes Yes No Yes No No Yes Yes
Wi-Fi for Internet Access Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes




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