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Case Index: 1984 to 1990 - Superior Court

Case types filed in Superior Court during this time include Conservatorship, Probate, and Felony. Most of these records were microfilmed, and are available a digital format.

The Court implemented its first computerized Case Management System (CMS) in 1984, and used this system through 1990. Below are scanned images of the printed case index.

Click on the title of the index to open the complete index in PDF format, or one of the links below the title to open a smaller PDF document with cases starting with the letters listed in the link

Plaintiffs Petitioners

Defendants Respondents

Felony Cases

The Superior Court does not warranty the completeness, timeliness or accuracy of the information presented.

Please contact the court clerk's office for detailed case information; providing case name and number to the clerk when you contact the court clerk's office will allow us to serve you faster.

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