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Bogus phone calls, emails on jury service may lead to fraud.  If you receive a phone call, text, or email notifying you that you’re in big trouble for failing to show up for jury service, be suspicious.  It’s probably a scam.  Visit our Jury Scams webpage for more information.

Case Index: 1925 to 1984 - Superior Court

Case types filed in Superior Court during this time include Civil over $25,000,Conservatorship, Probate, Juvenile and Felony. Most of these records were microfilmed, and are available a digital format.

Prior to implementation of its first computerized case management system, Superior Court cases were listed by hand in two separate books - an index of plaintiffs and an index of defendants - to make alphabetical lists of cases to facilitate searching by plaintiff or defendant. 

Please note that these files are huge (10-25 MB), and may take some time to download to your computer with a broadband connection. It is not recommended that you view these indices with a dialup connection.

Select the link below corresponding to the first letter of the party's last name, or the name of the business.

The Superior Court does not warranty the completeness, timeliness or accuracy of the information presented.  Please contact the court clerk's office for detailed case information; providing case name and number to the clerk when you contact the court clerk's office will allow us to serve you faster.

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