Wednesday, January 15, 2020
CASE INDEX - All of Mendocino County

This index includes civil, criminal, and traffic cases filed through the end of last month. Cases are listed from all branches of the Superior Court, and date back to at least the year 2000.



    1. Click below on the first letter of the party's last name, or the first letter of the business name.
    2. An Adobe Acrobat .PDF document will open in a new window, displaying a list of parties in alphabetical order.


NOTE: You can scroll through the list or use Acrobat's text search feature.


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The third and fourth character of the case number listed in the case index tell you where the case was filed. Generally, the case file is housed in the branch where the case was filed. It is best for you to communicate with the Court Clerk's office in the city where the case file is housed for best service, although any Court Clerk's office can help you. If the case file needs to be referenced or copied, there could be a significant delay in getting paper copies of documents to you if you request information from a different branch.


CodeBranchFile Location
ANAnderson (Boonville)Ukiah
ARArena (Point Arena)Ten Mile (Fort Bragg)
LVLong Valley/LaytonvilleUkiah
RVRound Valley (Covelo)Ukiah
TMTen Mile (Fort Bragg)Ten Mile (Fort Bragg)


The Superior Court does not warranty the completeness, timeliness or accuracy of the information presented.  Please contact the court clerk's office for detailed case information; providing case name and number to the clerk when you contact the court clerk's office will allow us to serve you faster.


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